How can I use the testbench in a proxy environment?2018-04-04T12:04:17+02:00

Please setup the proxy settings as follows:

  1. Exit the synavision test bench if it is running.
  2. Please open the path where the test bench is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\synavision-client).
  3. Please open the file proxy.properties with a text editor (e.g.. Wordpad oder Notepad++) .
  4. Insert your proxy configuration, e.g.::


    proxyUser and proxyPassword are optional and only required if your proxy server uses authetification. Please use the proxyHost and proxyPort information provided by your network administrator.

  5. Please save the file now.
  6. Start the synavision test bench. The configurred proxy settings are now active and a connection to the synavision cloud should be possible.
Where do I see the details of my available services?2016-07-08T10:54:04+02:00

An overview of the available services as well as the corresponding host names can be found in the synavision service center via www.synavision.de -> Login.

How do I change my access data?2016-07-08T11:03:55+02:00

The access data can be changed in the synavision service center.

Why do I not see the values after importing the sensor data?2016-07-15T13:19:06+02:00

If data already exist under a certain BMS – ID, newly imported data under the same ID will only be processed after the latest existing time stamp. Data sets, that contain values before the first existing time stamp, or overlap with the current sensor data, will be filtered by default. In this case, a report message will be received after the data import. If the date needs to be overwritten, the current sensor data have to be deleted first. This can be done by right-clicking on the corresponding sensor. Alternatively you can select „overwrite existing data“ on your import settings.

Why do I get the message „Workspace-File is out of Date“ when importing a workspace?2016-07-08T11:05:01+02:00

If you receive this message during the import of an *.ena-file, probably the requested format is not supported anymore to full extent:

The workspace-file is out of date and is possibly not supported anymore to full extent. Please create an up-to-date version of this file.

Normally, an import is still possible. Nevertheless the content of the workspace should be checked for completeness and consistency.

If the corresponding original workspace still exist, a new file could be easily created by exporting the workspace. This file then carries the number of the present version of the energie navigator and is completely compatible for import/export.


Which hardware requirements do I need?2018-04-27T11:50:44+02:00

To use the synavision Digital Test Bench, following minimum requirements should be complied:

  • Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  • minimum Dual-Core Processor 2.4 GHz
  • minimum 8 GB memory
  • 1 GB free disk capacity
  • Java Runtime Environment (included)
Why am I not able to connect with the server?2020-11-20T16:19:07+01:00

The energie navigator Client needs clearance to communicate with the server. Therefore the following ports must not be blocked by the firewall:

  • auth.synavision.de Port 443
  • apps.synavision.de Port 443
  • update-site.synavision.de Port 80 und 443
  • external.synavision.de Port 80 und 443
  • vm1.synavision.de Port 443
  • vm2.synavision.de Port 443
  • vm3.synavision.de Port 443
  • vm4.synavision.de Port 443
  • www.synavision.de Port 443
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