Reports can be used to export your workspace contents to Word documents. This feature enables you to create customized reports for your communication purposes. What content to use is determined by the purpose of the document, e.g. you can create functions descriptions, analysis reports or a data point assignment review document.

  • To create a new report please click with your right mouse button into the specification window and choose New -> Report. After entering a name for the new entity you can now close the dialog and the report editor is opened.
  • You can now drag & drop elements from your specification window into the left side of the editor. The order and containment is determined by your needs.
  • Hint: If you like to drag & drop an element including its substructure, please hold the CTRL-Key while you drag & drop the element.
  • For each report element you can configure some options on the right side of the editor.
  • Hint: If you like to add data points to your report, please add a data point list using the + icon. Then select the element in the list and add your datapoints using drag & drop in the right side of the editor.
  • When your report is ready, please click the export button to create a Word document with your chosen contents.
  • Please save your report if you want to change or re-create it later.
  • Note: When you have used a specification element in a report and you delete this element, a placeholder element is created in the report to visualize the missing element. Please re-assign another element to this placeholder or move its substructure to another element and delete the placeholder.