Bild2A state space contains all states of each facility . At any time the facility can only persist wihtin one state. For each state a number of rules is defined. First you want to include a rule which serves as a state indicator (marker rule). The state indicator defines in which state within a state space the facility is within each time step. The evaluation is carried out for all rules within each state at the current time. If no marker from the BMS is available, a reliable indicator has to be defined with available data points e.g. the electrical energy demand is the indicator if an air handling unit is in the state of ON or OFF.

11Specification_State space1To evaluate the state space each point of time will be analyzed. The state space then is valid if all rules within this state are valid (all Rules ist multiplied with each other, TRUE • TRUE = TRUE). If at least one rule is FALSE (False=0) the higher ranked state and the again higher ranked state space is also FALSE (FALSE • TRUE = FALSE).

The overall evaluation of the state space over an existing period of time is set together of the whole period of available data. This result can be visualized in a carpet plot.