zeitprogramm With the help of a time routine you can create a boolean value dependend on time periods. This is how you can, e.g. specify operation times. All green-marked dates or periods are treated as TRUE where red marked as FALSE. Each individual box (Minute, Hours, Days, etc.) is linked with an AND function. Multiple time routines can also be linked logically.

Since time routines- as also constants – are infinite, there is no virtual sensor created. This happens as soon as the time routine is used together with a sensor.

ena_time_routine_131030According to the above mentioned explanation the following periods will be treated as TRUE:

  • every minute
  • within the hours 6-16 of each day
  • during all days of a month
  • but only within the days from Monday to Friday
  • for the month from September to April
  • in the years from 1980 – 2015