ArbeitsbereichEDITIn this area within the PTB different section are displayed, which can be also ordered individually.

Editor_1In the upper right corner next to the „save“ symbol you will find a reset displayed as an arrow and a help-symbol displayed as a question-mark which will lead you to this documentation.

6.1Start_Desktop_EditorsIn the lower left corner there are different tabs possible which is dependend on the structural element (charachteristic, metric, rule, facility, etc.). Click the visualization tab which is only available within the facility type and you will reach the pallete section shown below. Within „set image“ you can import your hydraulic scheme within you want to define data points later on.


Import graphic, change size of your imported grafic and zoom in. Selected sensors can be deleted.

Select a sensor
Mark an area
Move sensors

Put a new signal sensor into your imported graphic. (Can be changed to counter sensor later)
Put a new counter sensor into your imported graphic. (Can be changed to signal sensor later)