Create reusable templates for checklists – fitting to your processes. You receive consistent and interactively usable checklists according to your requierements – from construction diary over notice of defects to acceptance reports.

These templates can be created and edited in the task manager by selecting items into the template column.

  1. Define a name for the template.
  2. Select items from the left column and click on the arrow to integrate them into the template (see left figure).
  3. The arrows can be used in order to arrange the items within the template.
  4. Save the completed template.






Moreover you can perform the following activities.

Note: You can change a template as long as no ticket instance has been created. 

If you want to change the templates after having created a ticket instance, you can export the template and re-import it asigning a new name to it (e.g. _v1) and then edit it.