The user management  allows you to invite persons to your workspace via email. You can also create API tokens if you like to use our REST-API. You find the user management in the cockpit perspective. Please click the settings icon on the upper right corner to manage workspace access.

There are four different roles:

  • Project member: Is allowed to access the workspace and can also create new ones, but can not manage members in the current workspace himself.
  • Project manager: Has the rights of a project member, but can also manage project access.
  • Contract member: Can see all workspaces of the contract and can create new ones. A contract member can only access workspaces where he is a project member oder manager of.
  • Contract manager: Can enter all workspaces of the contract and is automatically a project manager of all workspaces in the given contract.

The contract roles can just be configured by synavision helpdesk.